Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007 Christmas Letter

Made & cleaned up messes doing remodeling
Accomplished a bathroom and a half so far
Re-unioned with Sokoloski Families in Montana
Coached Football at Pendleton High School

Always hauling the girls to and from activities
Neck surgery in July, partial thyroid removed
Needs more hours in the day to catch up on projects
Exciting camp adventures pulling new tent-trailer

Track star in making, ran fast, won ribbons
Acted in a children's theater production in July
Read and cried, Where the Red Fern Grows
Young entrepreneur earned profits at her lemon-aid stand
Now learning back handsrpings in gymnastics

Great time at Disneyland with mom in September
Ready to take on any adventure in the great outdoors
Always throws the ball for Jake the dog
Continues to be our pre-dawn alarm clock
Enthusiastic swimmer

Ready to take over control of her kindergarten
Emerging hip-hop dancer
Another social butterfy
Growing two new bottom teeth
Always needs her clothes to 'match'
Not afraid to speak her mind

A penny thought: Many people do not like Christmas letters. I do. From the first Christmas card in early december, until the last one received - sometimes in February- I cherish: the pictures and the funny, the corny, the too-long or too-short, once-a-year Christmas letter!

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TIffany said...

Love your Chrismtas letter. I'm so excited to keep caught up with you....I am a blog reader. I hope you enjoy your vacation.