Saturday, January 24, 2009


Have I ever mentioned that I do not like it when I am trying something new and I am not as good as I would like ...

I realize that I should not expect to be able to do things automatically...but that doesn't change that I would like to ...

Here is my second Photoshop Show & Tell. I like it better than the first ... but it took a L-O-N-G time and it still screams ROOKIE.

I'll get it ... eventually.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Ms. Reagan

My 'baby' turned seven today and we partied like a rock star.
Hannah Montana to be specific, as if there was any doubt.

We had a Hannah Montana hair-do.

Hannah Montana BFFs.

Hannah Montana goodie bags.

Hannah Montana purple cupcakes.

Hannah Montana gifts galore...
Drum roll please....
ask your children to leave the room now, please...
We had 'explicit' Hannah Montana fruit snacks!
I know...
Yes, they are supposed to be 'guitars' and 'microphones'
But....hmmm...something else crossed my mind... mind's second residence apparently... apologies.

Thank goodness my girls are not residing in the gutter with me.

They loved the guitars and microphones.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Show & Tell #1

I was maybe trying to kid myself in my earlier post...

I learned some new tricks on my Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 program that I got for Christmas. I eluded to the fact that I wouldn't have much time to figure anything out any time soon. But hey, sleep is overrated right? It is going to be a Starbucks day for me tomorrow that is for sure.

Here is my first show and tell APE project. I floating head is kinda scary, but I really wanted to play with some of the cool tools that I learned tonight, lest I might forget about them before sunrise tomorrow.

Now I can go to bed. I am looking forward to many more late nights playing with my new program. Without further ado...

Show and Tell #1

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 - 101

Thanks to a wonderful team of friends...Stacy, Ronda, & Lindsay...and other newbies. I muddled through my first go at one of my Christmas presents. I bought the photo editing software thinking I would definitely love it ( I will) and would totally be able to figure it out in a matter of hours (I won't).

It will be fun. It will be hard.

I don't know when I will have anything to 'show & tell' but if you look real close at my banner right now, you may (or may not) notice that I got rid of the tiny little border that was too small for my picture...and I did it in the Edit Html page, which makes me feel pretty smart (even though I'm not really) so as far as I'm concerned...APE 7- 101 was a very successful night.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Squirrels

Squirrels, squirrels and now MORE squirrels... If you aren't caught up on my previous opinions on squirrels you can go back and catch up.

Today's opinion of squirrels is much higher than in previous posts.

I love my birds and I love watching them out my window. Last year the bird feeder was always empty and I realized that it was being emptied by the squirrels. When I moved my feeder I came up with a way to keep the squirrels out...or so I thought.

Today one daring squirrel was successful in snacking on the bird seeds. I, unfortunately, was not successful in capturing that exact moment, but some of these give you an idea of his approach.

I wasn't the only one enjoying the squirrels this morning.

Christmas Sleepovers

Athena had a wonderful idea for Christmas this year. We have exchanged gifts for the past five years. We have done movies for the family, craft activities, games, etc. We have never wanted it to cost a lot, but know how the girls enjoy 'gifting' to their friends. This year, Athena's idea was to give a gift of time to the girls. The idea of a Spa Sleepover at Nelson's (home of a wonderful - huge - whirlpool tub) and a Cooking/Craft Sleepover at the Sokoloski's.
Last night was the Sokoloski home sleepover. It was a wonderful huge success and hopefully a new tradition has begun.

I must admit that I really felt like I 'cheated' on the girls. They were having so much fun downstairs in the newly remodeled playroom, I almost forgot about the cooking obligation.

Divide and conquer was my plan of attack.
I invited Kylee and Grace up for round one. It wasn't exactly baking...

They did the entire tray by themselves. Not without complaints however,

Grace said, "Mom, this is a pain in the neck job."
Kylee responded with, "Yeah, it's giving us a headache."

Next was Kyndra's turn.
I really, really, really know I was cheating here... but it was almost 8:30 before we even got started.... excuses, excuses.
I let her do as much as was safely possible.
She felt proud and enjoyed herself anyway.

Next came bed time, there were no tears to be had, which is always a bit of a surprise to me. Both girls have had sleepovers before, but I always hold my breath a little when the time comes.

I promised all the girls pancakes in the morning. I did not cheat on this part. I made the sourdough batter the night before. Grace, aka, my alarm clock, woke me up at precisely 6 am.
When I was making breakfast Kyndra and Reagan were playing with a bracelet they had found.
Kyndra asked Reagan, "Is this bracelet a locket?"
To which Reagan replied, "Yes, it is where I will lock up my mom and dad so I won't miss them."

I love these girls...all five of them.

Photos from Home

I still get stuck when people ask me where I'm they mean, "Where do you come from?" or "Where is home now?" I use home in both manners.

"I'm going home the day after Christmas." aka - Klamath Falls or

"I'm staying home until the day after Christmas." aka - Pendleton

Here are just a few shots from home at Christmas. (Klamath Falls)

I call these first two,

"Three men and a remote."

These are the men in my life!

This is what 'home' looks like in the winter around Chapman Ranch.

I love home...both of them.