Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Taryn

My Taryn turns 12 today! The last birthday before the teen years. E-gads!

When I was about 9-ish my brother who was 6-ish wrote me a birthday card: To my second best sister...

There were only two sisters, and I clearly wasn't the favorite.

Taryn has two sisters - Grace(9) and Reagan(7). She received this birthday card from Reagan.

to t fum r (To Taryn from Reagan)
I hope you have the dist (best) drfday (birthday)

I love you vin win you be me too me you are the best sist that ine bute cud have
(I love you even when you be mean to me. You are the best sister that anybody could have.)

This card will be held against Reagan.

For example:

Reagan to Grace... Will you help me with my chores today?
Grace to Reagan... Why don't you ask your favorite sister?

Trust me, this will cost her someday.

Happy Birthday Taryn!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Family Photos

It was time to take family pictures. No one was excited...least of all me who has to make sure we all match. We didn't get very creative with our outfits, but as it turned out...the white tees with jeans/shorts were just right for a hot day in the park. Karen Crowder of Timeless Photography took the pictures. The scanned images are not near as crisp or wonderful as the originals, but you get the idea.

Wisconsin - Gambling, It's a Family Thing

The game was Left-Center-Right and we were playing with quarters to begin with, until the game got serious and we pulled out the $1 bills!

Our wonderful hostess Nancy, (farthest back) is only in this one photo. Due to recent knee surgery she was unable to go on our boat, fishing, & geocache outings. But, let me tell you, she wasn't missing out on any gambling, no-sir-ee... She wasn't missing out on any of that!

My mom who is seated between Nancy and Marc was pretty lucky on a few of the nights. She may have even boasted the most wins! If anyone was keeping track... (yeah, I'm talking about you Don... I KNOW you were keeping track.)

Here is a good shot of Marc, complaining about my mom not passing to the left I am sure. To his left is Don, our 'host-boat driver-fish guide-chef-babysitter-and biggest loser'! He did a lot of whining and not much winning. He didn't want ME touching HIS dice when it was his turn... funny though... I am pretty sure I won lots more than he did. Maybe you should have let me rub some of my luck off on those dice Don!

Next to Don is my Grandma, my mom's mom. She rolled with the big guys even when we pulled our dollar bills out. I was a little surprise it didn't scare her off... dimes and nickles would have probably put her in her comfort zone. I am wondering what my grandma documented her wins & loses as in her money journal. She keeps track of her money! Yes she does. I don't think she was a big winner this trip.

Fun times, I tell you! I hope I get back there before another 25 years pass.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sometimes it works...

  • I like to be organized, but it doesn't always happen.
  • I like to be efficient, but it doesn't always happen.
  • I like to be creative, but it doesn't always happen.
  • I like my children to do their share of the work, but it doesn't always happen.

I will keep you posted as to how this turns out!

This is my camp packing list I made for the girls. The plan will be for them to pack for themselves and then have one of their sisters double check their bag and 'grade' them on their efforts. I will be tickled pink if this makes the 'getting ready to go' part of camping a little less hassle for me. I am thinking it will be easy enough to change around for different trips by just copying and pasting the pictures.

We head out for Cousin Camping at Trillium Lake tomorrow morning. The weather is going to be a cool 60 degrees while we are there. I am looking forward to cool after our very hot 4th of July weekend. Triple digits are miserable! Our tent trailer has a heater but no air conditioner so I prefer to be a little cold, rather than being too hot.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wisconsin: Fish Tales


During our vacation in Wisconsin we were able to spend hours on the lakes and in the creek fishing. In the lakes we all caught blue gill and a few crappie.

In the creek, Marc and I were looking for

Our wonderful fish guides Don & Cal assured us we should be able to catch a Northern Pike.

We both were skunked the first few days we went out. It took us a while to get the feel of our poles. Both of us spent more time than we would have liked untangling 'birds nests' in our line.

Finally, one evening when I was about to call it quits I got a strike.

I'd like to say I was cool as a cucumber, but I squealed like a 4 year old. Everyone on the creek knew I had caught my Northern.

My fish measured 27" and weighed in at 5 lbs.

See my big muscles?

Now if you think Marc had fish fever before I caught my fish, it only got worse. Marc was diligent in getting out on the creek - taking with him both poles. Heaven forbid I catch another fish before he had caught his.

As luck would have it...he did make a catch on the last day...

His fish measured 30" and weighed in at 7 lbs.
Stinker...couldn't let me out fish him!

See his bigger muscles, holding his bigger fish?

Fishing was just one of the wonderful
adventures we had on our vacation.