Sunday, February 1, 2009

That '70's Night...

We have had the pleasure of attending a 'Trivia Night' get-together hosted by friends of ours for the past three years. It is always a night full of laughter and useless knowledge.

This year there was a twist. Everyone was asked to come decked out in 70's themed costumes.

It was fun searching the Internet for trends and digging through clothes at the senior center and Salvation Army to find the 'just right outfits.'

There were 20+ people there and every costume was outstanding. Here we are in 'Retro B&W':

Big Hair & Ponytails & Feathers

Fake eyelashes

Flower power


Blue eyeshadow


Bell bottoms

Great FUN...

Here we are again! This time in full color!


Peace & Love!!!


Lindsay said...

OH my goodness!! Looks like a GREAT time had by all. Love Amy's dress ... and Marc's wig ... wow... you guys are straight out of the 70's for sure!! :)

Have a GREAT week!

Nelson's Nest said...

That was a fun night!!! Your feathers were perfect.

Cristy said...

Wow you look so GROOVY!! Looked like a fun time, who won the game?

Stacy B said...

What fun! I like it in color. Love the make-up.