Saturday, February 27, 2010

Get Ready

Thankfully, "Get ready, get set, go!" is still 7 months away. But today was a beautiful, sun-shiny, 60 degree day ~ a wonderful start to what I hope will be a wonderful adventure. Marathon Training!

Actually, I am just in training for the training. The 'real' training will begin in June. Race day will be 10-10-10. I love cool dates and thought this seemed like a perfect day to achieve a pretty lofty goal.

Now, don't get carried away with yourself and imagine that I have any intentions of running the darn thing. Heck no. I have never been a runner and have no aspirations of becoming one now. But I decided in the year I was turning 40 I needed to do something remarkable. So here we are.

I have one committed friend... as in, she has committed to do the race with me. Others are hinting that they may climb on board, and I'm lining out my cheering squad too. I am listening to advice from my sister, my dad, and some locals that have all done the 26.2 before. I am anxious to join the club. Wish me luck!

First I bought the book.

Then I bought the gear.

Now it's time to get ready, get set and go.

Today was day one!


Ronda said...

Ok Anne, we seriously need to get together and have a chat about this. I would like to do this with you! 40 is our year!

I LOVE your shoes!

Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

wow!!! I am just shooting for a 5 k!
you are awesome!!! best of luck!!

Stacy B said...

Hey Anne, where is it? I will be in town then and will have finished (hopefully) my triathlon and will need a new goal. maybe??

Good for you! You can do it!

Cristy said...

Good luck on your training "crazy lady" I can't imagine walking that distance!!!!

Mom said...

This will be velly interesting!! There is a lot of time and miles between the start of training and the actual race. Hope you make it over the finish line.