Thursday, February 14, 2008

Who needs Hamley's?

Don't get me wrong...but really, who needs Hamley's when you've got Chef Marc at home?

Marc proposed to me 14 years ago tonight. He served me Lobster, pasta, artichokes, roses,and a dessert of diamonds! A resounding yes! Who knew all the joys and trials we would encounter in these years. I could not and would not choose differently.

It has been a tradition, ever since, for him to cook each Valentine's Day dinner. A tradition I will never tire of. The girls loved the lobster and got their own flowers, cards and a very special gift from their father...a gift of time! Each has a coupon for a date of their choosing with dad. It has been non-stop planning...'Dad, can we go to Disneyland?' 'Dad, what if I want to go shopping?' 'What will you do Dad if I want to get my hair dyed?'

We love this man! Yes, yes we do!

A Penny Thought: It takes two! It really doesn't matter if it is 'birds of a feather,' or 'opposites attract.' This matter of marriage can't be done alone!


Lindsay said...

Who needs Hamley's is right :)

What a wonderful tradtion! I love the picture of you & Mark too!

Hope your Friday is full of love too!!

A Cop, A Teacher, and Two Princesses said...

Chef Marc is quite admired by my family :)

I saw you guys eating dinner last night through your picture window... I thought to myself that you looked happy. I can see why... what a magical night!!! I can't wait to here what the girls pick for their daddy dates. I'm guessing it won't be the laundromat.

Ronda said...

Perfect! It doesn't get any better than time spent with each other! Happy Valentine's Day to all of the Soko ladies!