Sunday, February 24, 2008

Man Sick

It all started out on Thursday. It was a typical busy activities...4-H meeting...and the added bonus of the annual school carnival. Marc and I had orchestrated the event quite well. We were on time-ish to all the activities. We even managed a home cooked meal-quite an accomplishment on a busy night like this one.

The girls were all snuggled asleep in bed. Marc and I watched, Survivor, American Idol and Celebrity Apprentice...all in about 2 hours...LOVE THAT DVR OPTION. It was time to turn out the lights when Marc innocently said, "I have a gut ache." -Hmmm...that's too bad...ZZZzzzz. And I was fast asleep.

Just like with the beloved DVR, we now fast forward to 6 am. I awake to the sound of the shower running. This is NOT common . Marc usually has to be prodded out of bed. Not today. He informed me that he hadn't slept at all. His stomach hurt too bad. He then threw - up. Hmmm...that's too bad...see ya...and I was off to work.

About 11 am I decide to call and check in on my dearie. He informs me he is at the ER to try and see what is the matter with him. It is the worst stomach ache ... he couldn't wait until the urgent care clinic opened at 1 pm. Four hours and hundreds of dollars later...he was informed that his blood work was normal, except for high levels of acid in his stomach. They sent him on his way. Hmmm...too bad...I guess I'm on my own with the girls for dinner.

It was at that point that I diagnosed him as being Man Sick. You know, I am a man, and I am sick! I was quite tickled with my ability to make lots of women laugh with me as I described the situation. -Let's, his tummy hurts, he threw up...and had hurt for about 12 hours when he went to the doctor. -Not quite up to par with labor yet(3 babies)...or kidney stones (which I've also had 3 times.)...or appendicitis...or thyroidectomy. Hmmm...too bad I decided on teaching instead of becoming a nurse...I'm quite sympathetic.

Now I am going to fast forward to tonight...It is Sunday. He has now thrown up 6 times. He's slept the vast majority of the weekend. No, I haven't rubbed his tummy...I've stayed clear. Heaven knows I don't want what he has...I have way too much going on this week to catch this Man Sick disease. I do hope he feels better soon!

Penny Thought: I'll be eating an apple a day because I am going to be one SORRY momma if I do get this and it is really as bad as he's made it out to be!


Lindsay said...

Praying for a HEALTHY and HAPPY Marc!! :) Hang in there...

** LOVE the Penny Thought :)

Stacy B said...

I hope you don't get Mom Sick. Mom sick is way worse than Man Sick. Hope you feel better soon, Marc.