Tuesday, July 22, 2008

2,500 miles & 6 states & still smiling!

Well we have been back for a few days now, and I have been getting some pressure about my lack of posts. During this winter I was so anxious to write and post that some of the posts were really scraping the bottom of the barrel. I mean, really, do bird seed stealing squirrels really bother me? Probably not. Fast forward to July and now I have too much to post about...but I have been so busy living life that I haven't had much time to reflect. These are the up-and-coming posts. I am thinking that maybe by making a list here I can attack them one at a time.

Taryn turns Eleven-July 17-big age-big gift

Vacation '08 wrapped up-July 18-lots of miles and smiles.

Theater Camp '08-July 21-25 Highlight: Owl poop? Seriously? !

and soon enough -

Henley High School 1987 & 1988 Class Reunion - August 1 - I can't wait!!!!


A Cop, A Teacher, and Two Princesses said...

Waiting ever so not patiently!!!

Thanks for the walk and talk last night... I needed it.

noble pig said...

That sounds like it was one heck of a big vacation! Wowzer.

Hey cute site by the way!

Lindsay said...

yeah... waiting and stocking ... ever... so ... patiently. :)