Friday, August 8, 2008

The Lemonade Ladies

Last year, on July 17, Taryn's 10th birthday, she received a hand-built lemonade stand. We had many successful sales. This year, due to all the wonderful travels and adventures, we had not yet set out the stand. Until today!

Taryn's Treats was again open for business. It took a lot of sampling for us to find a perfect recipe for our fresh squeezed lemonade. Taryn and her sisters also sell fresh baked cookies and candy. Their specialty is the strawberry lemonade. (Remember all the June strawberries? Some were frozen especially for the lemonade stand.)

Total Sales: $32

50% = College = $16
25% = Charity = $8
25% =Fun $ = $8

Taryn isn't responsible for buying her supplies. We do that for her. We also will make a $5 deposit in Grace and Reagan's college account for helping and another $5 for their fun money. Once Taryn 'graduates' her stand for bigger and better jobs it will become Grace's Goodies and then eventually Reagan's Refreshments.

I am feeling terrible about my lack of blogging effort lately. But there have been just too many other important activities to occupy my time. I vow to at least upload a few pics of each event and jot a note or two, so that I don't forget about all our wonderful summer events when school roles around. My worst lack of blogging offense was for Taryn's birthday.

Miss Taryn turned 11 while we were on our trip home from Montana. With some of her funds from last year's lemonade sales, and her profit from Max, she wanted to purchase my old laptop from me, to call her own. Not knowing how much life is left in my old laptop, we decided to surprise her with her own desktop computer. She had agreed to 'trade' a birthday party with friends, for a nicer gift. In Missoula we gave her a puppy mouse pad and told her about her computer waiting at home. We told her she had to contribute all her fun money she had saved. She stated, and I quote, "I got a new computer. I only had to pay $200 and my parents paid the rest. The best part is I am still filthy rich!!!" I guess, in a way, she is. All my girls have been blessed with birthday/Christmas money from family to have nice little nest eggs growing for college.

Happy Belated Birthday Taryn. We love you, our little entrepreneur.

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A Cop, A Teacher, and Two Princesses said...

So glad you blogged this!!! This stand is so wonderful and has brought many learning opportunities for your girls and their friends.

Don't forget to mention it was handmade by Marc. He was awfully proud!

I hope the season is not over because we missed last week's sale.