Friday, August 8, 2008

More Vacation...

I had planned long posts with vivid descriptions. I planned, apparently, that when I got home I would sit for 3 weeks straight to get that original plan executed. I did not come home and sit. As a matter of fact, I'm barely sitting right now...we have been on the run constantly. So here I will present:

Rapid City: The Cliff Notes Version

Reptile Gardens: A cool reptile zoo. There were huge 200 year old tortoises, snakes, alligators, etc. The girls enjoyed this destination. It was the first place where we could get out and move around a bit.

Crazy Horse Monument: The Interpretive Center here was wonderful. They had a nice restaurant, gift shops, and piles of rocks from the site that kids could bring home. Someday, if/when they ever finish, I would like to go back. Maybe not driving the next time. We stayed for an evening laser show. That wasn't the greatest for three sleepy girls and two grumpy grownups. The lights were cool, it was just past our bed times.

RUSHING @ RUSHMORE: One terrible travel decision we made was not taking the kids to the hotel water park the day we arrived. We had stayed out too late at the laser show, so we went straight to bed. The next morning Rushmore was on the docket...but all the girls could think about was the wonderful water slides back at the hotel. We did walk all the trails, but did not do a tour. I ended up buying a book to learn all those cool historical facts. Someday when the girls are studying the presidents, I can pull out the book. They won't forget being there...but they won't remember learning anything while they were there.

Rapid City Water Slides and Petting Zoo:

Taryn woke up sick one day. Marc took Grace and Reagan to a petting zoo in the morning. We were hoping she would feel better in the afternoon for the water slides. No such luck. Poor Taryn sat under a tree while we all ran about having fun in the water. She was a great sport about it. That is a huge perk to having kids a bit older. This would have never been possible a few years ago.

The Crystal Caverns:

This destination was a little too adventurous for Miss Reagan.

In order to get to the crystals you needed to climb down 168 VERY







It was too much for Reagan, so Marc stayed up top. Now, I am not a big fan of heights. I am not afraid I will fall. I fear seeing my kids fall. Soooooooo. I walked backwards down the steps and Grace was next looking into my eyes and Taryn following with a death grip on the hand rails.

Reagan is pretending to be a bat in this picture in a cave at the top of the cavern.


Lindsay said...

That slide ROCKS!! I love that you took the EO along as well - I'll be looking for the picture in the paper :)

A Cop, A Teacher, and Two Princesses said...

I can't believe that you are the one that went down while Marc stayed at the top.