Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Pumpkins & Swimming?

Who knew a Tuesday swim lesson could be so much fun? We have a new coach for swimming this year. Most swim nights are routine.

  • They get their suits on.
  • They eat dinner.
  • We load up.
  • They swim.
  • They shower.
  • They cry as I brush their hair... etc....
Tonight was different. Tonight Coach Susie brought pumpkins to the pool. The big kids were first. They threw their pumpkins in the pool and had to race with their pumpkins down and back. The little fishies were sooooooo excited to watch the big kids swim with their pumpkins.

Next the little fishies got to get back into the pool with their pumpkins. Squeals of delight echoed when they realized the pumpkins would float. They would have stayed in the pool all night but the time ran out.

Coach Susie then passed out glow sticks and Halloween necklaces.

Coach Susie rocked swimming tonight!!! And thanks to Liz for taking a picture for me!!!


Pam M said...

who knew pumpkins floated?? I would have thought they sunk! Miss you guys!

Stacy B said...

Oh man! Look what we are missing out on! Serves me right for taking a break until after X-mas. What fun.

Lindsay said...

This is GREAT!!

Hope your Halloween is full of GREAT things (and no sickness)!!

Happy Halloween!