Sunday, November 2, 2008


I had the pleasure of taking my girls and three borrowed girls to the movie this afternoon. With the November rains settling in, a movie date was a perfect way to spend the afternoon.

I arrived at the movie early with 4 of the girls, the other 2 arrived within minutes. The moms and I visited briefly. When the high school boy unlocked the theater doors all six girls bailed out of the van quickly and ran inside. I said goodbye to the moms, rolled up the windows and headed inside. (Re-read this is important later.)

  • We lined up for the tickets...$38.00
  • We lined up for the popcorn...$11.00 *I bought 2 XL's and split them into Ziploc baggies-I am that smart-Re-read this bullet too.
  • I bought 7 sodas...$18.00
  • We found our seats.

Grace and her friend chose front row seats.

Taryn and her friend chose back row seats.

Reagan, her friend and I settled into the middle.

About an hour into High School Musical 3, the high school theater employee was walking toward me. Hmm....the girls didn't seem to be causing any trouble. Hmm...did he see the jellybeans I snuck into the theater. that wasn't it.

"Ma'am, did you drive the van here?"

"Uh, yes."

"You left your car running."

At this point, I wish it was about the smuggled jelly beans. I wanted to die. You should have seen the look on all three high school workers as I snuck out of the theater, found my car - unlocked and running, right where I left it. Hmm... Priceless?

Additional thoughts to ponder on this occasion:

  • No wonder I only have 3 children. I'm not responsible enough for more.
  • Thank goodness I married a Pollock as this type of behavior is expected.
  • I live in a small town - so when I have these 'moments' my car is right where I left it.

and finally

  • It may not be my 'natural' hair color anymore...but it's pretty obvious I am a true blonde.


Lindsay said...

OH my gosh!! Priceless is right!

This was a GREAT post! :)

** and I saw that movie yesterday too... but I didn't leave my car running :)

Have a GREAT week Anne!

Stalker said...

I saw that photo on the web and almost sent it to you.

Stacy B said...

Well at least it was unlocked! I'm going to tell a story about Ronda...her car locked her out the other day while it was warming up and she was scraping the windows. She had to borrow one of our rigs to run up to Meacham to get her spare set of keys!

Love the picture, I am LOL at the Ed Tech Cadre!

Nelson's Nest said...

How funny!!! This is what blogging is all about... those unforgetable moments and that corn maze picture cracks me up.

I'm glad you and the girls had fun at the movie. All of the weekends events with your girls made me a little sad. They are getting so big.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

This just made my day!!! It makes me feel so much better. I've left my van running while I was inside the house, and didn't realize it was still on until a 1/2 hour later when I happened to go back outside.

Kids have fried my brain :)

Renee' said...

Okay, that is FUNNY!!! I needed that laugh today, and trust me, I was laughing out loud with no one here to hear me. I think we all have "moments"...might as well laugh and enjoy every minute.

Suzie said...

I put blonde streaks in my hair so I have an excuse - LOL - you were just excited to see Zac Efron like the girls were. ROFL!!