Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Letter 2008

2008 To-Do List


  • Finish bathroom & laundry room remodel
  • Buy cool tools to use while remodeling
  • Finish basement remodel - Nope
  • Coach freshman football to an undefeated season
  • Organize a family vacation to Mt. Rushmore & Crazy Horse
  • Enjoy being in the 30's ... 40 is on the way in '09


  • Chauffeur kids to swimming, dance, 4H meetings, gymnastics...
  • Be a 4H leader for a sewing club
  • Become addicted to the Twilight series
  • Go to Pasadena to see the OSU Beavers play in the Rose Bowl - Nope
  • Continue to blog at
  • Get braces so you can look young at 20 year reunion


  • Run Cross Country
  • Give a speech at 5th Grade DARE graduation
  • Sell a 4H lamb without crying - Nope
  • Win 2 Reserve Champion ribbons at fair in sewing and cooking
  • Begin 749 different new collections
  • Win 3+ local art competitions


  • Start second grade
  • Win a Reserve Champion ribbon at fair in sewing
  • Show a lamb as a Jr. Showman
  • Enjoy a surprise 8th birthday party
  • Help mom cook dinner weekly
  • Sleep in at least one day this year - Nope


  • Go to Disneyland with Mom
  • Start first grade
  • Lose some teeth
  • Try to go a day w/o falling & getting hurt - Nope
  • Find your niche as a dancer in Jr. Jam
  • March to your own drum.

We may not have completed our 2008 list, but we had a great year and are looking forward to many blessings in 2009!


Nelson's Nest said...

Complete lists are just too much to live up to. Leaving a few things undone makes life much more interesting.

Your family is beautiful and has much, much, much to be proud of!!!

Lindsay said...

LOVE this Christmas Letter :) I need to make a list for myself ... there would be a lot undone... but like Athena said - the undone makes life much more interesting :)

GREAT photo!!

** No I do not handwash my Modbe stuff ... but I don't dry it.

** Hoping you liked the plate of goodies - wishing I could have had a little visit - next time!!

** Did you get our card via the courier?? I've almost given up on sending anything through them. :)


Stacy B said...

I'd say only one NOPE per person is a great accomplishmet! I'm sorry you couldn't go to the Rose Bowl. That was on Joe's list, too. What a bummer.

Merry Christmas.

Beth said...

hey! how did I not meet you when I visited OR last feb? too bad! blame it on Ronda and Stacy I guess, ha ha!
this is my first visit to your blog! fun! sooooo sorry about the recipe! *smile* I have been making those since I was in high school... and you can tell! haha! My husband and boys are not that crazy about them, which means I HAVE to take them to work or I will make myself sick on them!!!!
whew! today I am doing the same thing eating gooey Christmas fudge!! ugh! time for a nap! or a walk!