Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Taryn

My Taryn turns 12 today! The last birthday before the teen years. E-gads!

When I was about 9-ish my brother who was 6-ish wrote me a birthday card: To my second best sister...

There were only two sisters, and I clearly wasn't the favorite.

Taryn has two sisters - Grace(9) and Reagan(7). She received this birthday card from Reagan.

to t fum r (To Taryn from Reagan)
I hope you have the dist (best) drfday (birthday)

I love you vin win you be me too me you are the best sist that ine bute cud have
(I love you even when you be mean to me. You are the best sister that anybody could have.)

This card will be held against Reagan.

For example:

Reagan to Grace... Will you help me with my chores today?
Grace to Reagan... Why don't you ask your favorite sister?

Trust me, this will cost her someday.

Happy Birthday Taryn!


Mom said...

It looks like Reagan will rival her Mother when it comes to spelling. Thanks for the interpretation.

AmyP said...

Very cute!


Fragrant Liar said...

HA! Cute.

Happy b-day Taryn!

Nelson's Nest said...

Great memory to capture. I can't believe Taryn is 12... it almost takes my breath away. It's has been so fun to watch her grow as the first big kid of the bunch, but it seems time to put on the brakes now. Let's keep her little just a while longer.

Stacy B said...

Happy Birthday Taryn!

I have candy for you guys but as the days go but the supply is dwindling. At least I know what it is now so I can have Pam send us more!