Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wisconsin - Gambling, It's a Family Thing

The game was Left-Center-Right and we were playing with quarters to begin with, until the game got serious and we pulled out the $1 bills!

Our wonderful hostess Nancy, (farthest back) is only in this one photo. Due to recent knee surgery she was unable to go on our boat, fishing, & geocache outings. But, let me tell you, she wasn't missing out on any gambling, no-sir-ee... She wasn't missing out on any of that!

My mom who is seated between Nancy and Marc was pretty lucky on a few of the nights. She may have even boasted the most wins! If anyone was keeping track... (yeah, I'm talking about you Don... I KNOW you were keeping track.)

Here is a good shot of Marc, complaining about my mom not passing to the left I am sure. To his left is Don, our 'host-boat driver-fish guide-chef-babysitter-and biggest loser'! He did a lot of whining and not much winning. He didn't want ME touching HIS dice when it was his turn... funny though... I am pretty sure I won lots more than he did. Maybe you should have let me rub some of my luck off on those dice Don!

Next to Don is my Grandma, my mom's mom. She rolled with the big guys even when we pulled our dollar bills out. I was a little surprise it didn't scare her off... dimes and nickles would have probably put her in her comfort zone. I am wondering what my grandma documented her wins & loses as in her money journal. She keeps track of her money! Yes she does. I don't think she was a big winner this trip.

Fun times, I tell you! I hope I get back there before another 25 years pass.

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Vodka Mom said...

I just spent a WEEK playing LCR with my sister and sister in law!!!!!

We love that game! We use nickels. Thank God. I'd be BROKE right now.