Sunday, November 15, 2009

Simple Minds... Simple Joys?

I decided to start collecting old spools of thread.

They fit perfectly on the ledge around my sewing room.

I can spend hours trimming up the loose threads.

I can organize them by color.

If I get bored I can play in my button box.

Simple minds only need simple joy?


Or is the truth hiding?

I only get joy out of the simple tasks because I am procrastinating
the bigger messes that are not so simple to clean up.


Lindsay said...

VERY cool! I love thread ... not that I sew well at all, but I do love thread! Those spools might make a cool note card?!

Have a GREAT week Anne!

Nelson's Nest said...

I totally agree with the note card idea. You have to do it!!! I am sure you could sell them in the staff room to all of our quilting friends. You have a set for all seasons. I am getting excited. You could rearrange them by holiday. Red and green for x-mas and so on. Seriously those pics capture you in the coolest way.

anymommy said...

I love these pictures, they are so colorful and pleasing. If I sewed, and therefore had any need for thread, I would absolutely organize by color.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ronda said...

I LOVE old thread spools too!!! I may need to come over and touch them sometime...and run my hand through your buttons too!