Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Christmas Photos

Eager anticipation!

Round one of opening presents was in Klamath Falls at my families house.
Nice hair Marc.

The girls and I got lots of paper so we can start creating fun things on my Cricut*
*My get up at 3:30 am the day after Thanksgiving best buy!

Mom opening her water bottle.
(Note to mom: There were other photos worse that this one)
(Remember when you told me not look at pictures of myself until
5 years later...
and then I would love them all because I would look younger?)

Dad loves his Girls Scout chocolates...
Gotta love when the store bag is pretty enough to be the gift bag too...

Uncle Jason always spoils the girls ~ translation ~
He sends me a generous check and I pick out wonderful
goodies for my girls. He feels a little out of touch with what
their interests might be.

We got him a really cool OSU sweatshirt.
Same as last year.
I'm kinda out of touch with what to get him too.
Maybe I should just send a check?
Naw, I think I am safe with OSU gear.


Lindsay said...

Looks like a wonderful time! I especially like the card stock :)

Nelson's Nest said...

I am ready for a cricket paper doll day :) We need to do a Valentine card making party too. It looks like round one of Christmas was wonderful!!! We sure enjoyed whatever round we were and Reagan's words will forever make me smile.