Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Chinese Fortune Cookie

My 'fortune' this week - as found in the cookie was - "Your charm has attracted a secret admirer."

I really needed that fortune, as I was feeling a little 'kicked around' this week at school. Kids weren't happy with me, parents weren't happy with me, colleagues weren't happy with me, boss wasn't happy with me... HOWEVER...

My FAVORITE admirers this week didn't keep their admiration a secret:
They brought me lattes
They let me vent...yeah there were some &*^%$!'s flying this week
They left me colored pictures 'Your the best techer'! (Never mind the spelling)
They didn't complain
They listened without interrupting
They ate comfort food with me
They walked with me to work off the comfort food

What that fortune did for me was to change the negatives this week into some positives. I started out sarcastically imagining 'all that charm' that my adversaries found in me and tried to imagine how I could find a charm that would turn them my way. I realize with won't be possible. I can change my life, my perspective, my viewpoint...I can't change others.

So I spent time planning for the Art Show. That has been my baby and I am proud that it keeps getting bigger and better each year.

I looked into a math endorsement. My HS algebra teacher would think that pigs are flying with that announcement.

I emailed an old friend.

I wrote a blog.

A Penny Thought: I do have 'charm' that attracts...and I do have 'charm' that distracts. I want to focus on developing my ability to attract secret admirers.


Ronda said...

You will never please 100% of the people 100% of the time. Go to bed at night knowing you did your best for that day and sleep peacefully! Tomorrow is a brand new day!

A Cop, A Teacher, and Two Princesses said...

We'll just keep on truckin' through the bad stuff... I've got your back :) Hopefully we won't need too much more comfort food than we can fit in comfort walks!!!