Wednesday, January 30, 2008


No, I'm not going to blog about a drinking binge...when I say's the fraction...part versus whole...of the stomach bug traveling through our household.

Two-fifths...Taryn was first, followed by Grace. Anyone want to put bets on who is throwing up next?

There are some obvious reasons that this has not been a fun stint.

#1. Puke sucks...
#2. Puke in a toilet or bowl is better than puke on bedding.
#3. Ten year-olds make it to the toilet better than seven year-olds.
#4. Not have a washing machine and dryer in the house makes this worse.
#5. Ten year-olds don't need as much entertaining when they are sick.
#6. Seven year-olds are still really clingy when they are sick.

The up-side, I have finished a few little projects around the house...and posted 4 times in the last 24hrs. (Don't count on that becoming common place.)

I think I'll skip photos for this blog. You can thank me later.

A penny thought: Feed a cold, starve a fever...or was that feed a fever, starve a cold. Hmm...maybe a fifth of liquor isn't a bad idea...I've got a ways to go before this run is over.


Lindsay said...

Thinking of you and praying that your fraction doesn't get any larger!!

Here's to hoping you have a happy rest of the week!!

TIffany said...

Hillarious....I say go for the fifth of liquor :)


Stacy B said...

Stinks to be you! I vote for the fifth of liquor too!

Ronda said...

If your fraction gets any may be wanting an adult beverage!!

Here's to wellness in your house!