Sunday, June 8, 2008

The big day...

Eight is great! On June 6th, Grace turned 8! The day began with a very chilly visit to the Pendleton Aquatic Center with her class. Though the temperatures for the day never hit 60, it didn't keep her out of the water. She continues to be my little water bug.

When she returned to school it was time to pass out treats to her class. We brought pudding cups with whipped cream and sprinkles on top. The treats were a big hit with her class. It was during treat time that I learned something about my daughter that seems so obvious now, but had not occurred to me until now. I asked her when she was done passing out the treats if she was ready for us to sing Happy Birthday to her. SHE SAID NO! She did NOT want anyone singing to her. As her teacher got the classes attention for the singing, we asked if it would be OK to simply say, on three, Happy Birthday Grace. Everyone was happy, thank-yous chorused, and pudding disappeared.

How did I not know this about Grace? She is not comfortable being in the spotlight. She is very uncomfortable with all eyes on her. I'm guessing this missed my mommy radar, because it is so not me. I get it now, I really do, I am just sad it took me so long to figure out. She loves calling attention to herself, but only if it is by her doings. It makes sense why spilled milk at a restaurant is so traumatic, while at home she barely bats an eye. I am sure this was a moment I'll never was so easy, it was so in front of my eyes the entire time, but I'd missed it.


Prior to my big revelation about Grace I had planned an elaborate Surprise Birthday Party to occur in less than 3 hours. I was afraid that the coming events could be a train wreck leading to her worst birthday ever!

I decided not to abandon the total surprise, but was able to talk to her 6 little friends in the tent before she arrived...letting them know that Grace might need a few minutes to adjust once she realized what was happening. I was still nervous.

With the crummy weather...we set up our camping party indoors. (This was one rare day I was happy to have an unfinished basement.) We set up a tent in the play room and zipped it closed. Grace came in...and handled the surprise pretty well. She turned so red I thought her head might explode. Then she needed to be redirected quickly to the craft table with her friends so the spotlight was took about 10 minutes for her face to return to it's normal color.


A Cop, A Teacher, and Two Princesses said...

Ah ha!!! I have known this about Grace... Alas, why she and I are friends. I am always here for her when she wants to ease into the limelight... I don't jump in with both feet either. A toe at a time is more my style in the social arena.

She was HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY, yes she was quite the shade of red, but the swoop to the activities did the trick.

Ronda said...

Oh Anne, tears reading this. Good for you for recognizing it when you did and then adjusting for the surprise later!
I am with Athena and Grace, let others enjoy the spotlight!