Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Grocery Game

Many thanks to Athena for finding this wonderful web site. I have only been 'playing' The Grocery Game for two weeks now and it is so FUN. I know I risk sounding like a big DORK...but try it and you'll like it. I am going to add a tally on the side of my blog so I can keep up with how much money I am saving our family. Then when I go on a shoe shopping spree I can do it with less guilt. I'll take any angle I can if it means guilt-free shoe shopping.

The basic concept is...subscribe to this service...clip coupons from the Sunday newspaper...then follow the list. This service researches trends on In Store Sales and coupons and then combines the two to offer you the best savings.

A small downside to the 'game' is that it takes preparation. You can not simply go shopping on a whim. It also requires that you have space so you can stock up on items when they are on sale. I figured that the summer was the best time for me to start.

Week one my grocery cart was filled to the top with 14 boxes of cereal and lots of other random items. My total bill was $291.60...until the coupons started being subtracted. I wrote a check in the amount of $153.34... a savings of $138.26 or 47 %.

Week two I had a larger variety of items in my cart, and less groceries overall. I didn't 'need' many items from the blue list. (Blue=Best Buys) I did come home with a few Green items. (Green=Free Items) My total bill was $127.42 My check total was $77.87. A savings of $49.49 or 39%.

If you are interested just ask Athena or I about it, as we are both 'excited' about our new game. Hmmm...do you think we need to get out of little 'ole Pendleton more often if this is our excitement? Maybe with all the money we save we will be able to afford a luxurious vacation.


Stacy B said...
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Anonymous said...

It must be hell getting old. I was curious when you were going to start dying your hair blue and wearing rollers when you play your new game

Amiyrah said...

Just stumbled onto your blog from pioneer woman and I think its great! Just a thought on the gtocery game....I almost signed up for it but I found a free site that is quite similar called couponmom.com. Because it is free there are a few things that the grocery game has that coupon mom doesn't, like certain stores and the like, but I was lucky to have all of my stores listed. It would just kill me to have to pay for something that I can get for free. I also frquent coupon forums and a grocery thread on msn.com. Between those things, I get the same deals as on the grocery game plus more!