Saturday, June 28, 2008

Camping in Prineville

Our first camping trip of the summer was to Prineville, Oregon. We were able to camp for 5 days and nights with Ken & Dea Gray, who came down from Scappoose. We were camping in our wonderful pop-up tent trailer, they were in their wonderful 5th-wheel. I felt like we were Motel 6 next to a 5 star luxury hotel. Being able to share their amenities (microwave oven) was a huge perk.

They brought their grandson, Jake, with them. The girls & Jake had a wonderful time riding bikes, playing UNO, snacking, having sleep-overs, movie theater outside, and more!!!

My mom joined us for two nights in the camper. We didn't go camping much when I was growing up...but I think she enjoys being able to show-up, camp-out and go home. It isn't too much work for her...and I don't think I snore too we haven't scared her off yet.

The purpose of the trip was to have fun, of course, but the destination was chosen because Prineville was hosting a Junior Rodeo that weekend. Brian & Danne's girls were in the rodeo, along with LOTS of my friends' kids from home and college.
It was so much fun seeing kids of my friends who I haven't seen in many years. I know that my girls look a lot like me, but it was fun picking out kids that I have never met, because they look just like their mom or dad.
My kids hadn't met many of these people before, but it didn't slow them down at all. They make friends easily and had a great time digging in dirt, drinking slushies and playing tag.

During the trip we:
  • ate
  • hiked
  • rode bikes
  • geocached
  • played cards
  • met new friends
  • visited with old friends
  • ate BBQ in a huge storm
  • took the sisters to Sisters
  • made lots of fun memories!

We may make this an annual trip!

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A Cop, A Teacher, and Two Princesses said...

I think your tent trailer looks perfectly cozy. I love it and am so glad you guys are camping. We BELIEVE it is usually just what the doctor ordered.