Sunday, September 28, 2008

What does NOTHING look like?

It was Friday night when Marc asked me what my plan was for the weekend. I replied, "Nothing!" It seems that the best I can do these days is make a list. Allow me to list what
ended up looking like this weekend.

Friday night:
Enjoyed babysitting the Nelson girls while mom & dad had a date at Hamley's.
Baked a Confetti Cake.
Tucked girls in for bed at 9 pm.
Watched ER from Thursday night. (I love DVR)
Read Blogs.
Tucked myself in at 10 pm.

Cleaned the kitchen.
Balanced check book. (Is it payday yet?)
Torn down oodles of boxed and supervised the burn barrel.
Sorted through my freezer to make meal plans.
Went to Vigil Mass.
Ate dinner at La Fiesta.
Printed out Grocery Game shopping list.
Tried to watch Oprah's on DVR. Fell asleep by 9: 30 pm.

Grocery shopping.
Made homemade applesauce.
Walked 5 miles with my walking buddies. (Only 95 to go...)
Went and visited day old puppies. Not cute enough yet to be considered irresistible.
Began setting up the playroom again. Construction in that room is complete.
Made dinner.
-up next- Amazing Race. (The one reality show I would be tempted to try.)
...set out clothes for this week. Picture day is Friday...yuck!

All in all the weekend was wonderful. Nothing turned out to be just enough. I read the newspapers, I played on the computer, but I still felt like I accomplished a few things.

I'm hoping as the school year routines become more established I can get back to the 'creative' side of my blog. Right now I'm posting to try and remain 'connected' and to keep track of this insane season called 'Back to School'!


A Cop, A Teacher, and Two Princesses said...

Your weekend sounded PERFECT. I love those mostly relaxing yet ending with a sense of accomplishment type os weekends. I can't wait to taste the applesauce.

Mom said...

Candles won't even come close to masking that smell. I hope it is worn off by the time you take Jake in the car to Portland.