Saturday, November 29, 2008


It's O-V-E-R. There were some highlights of the day:

Good Food - Great Friends - and massages!

Posted earlier in the day when I still had hopes of a Rose Bowl bid:
Civil War - Oregon State University vs University of Oregon

It has been said the win gives you the right to live in the state! Well, win or lose, I will still fly my colors tomorrow. I bleed black and orange!

Here are a few interesting notes from The Oregonian.

Trivial Pursuit
Civil War edition
by Rachel Bachman, The Oregonian

Total football revenue (2007)
UO: $24,493,155
OSU: $31,867,028

Percent increase in revenues since 2003
UO: 36 percent
OSU: 55 percent

Winning percentage, 2004-08 :
UO:65 percent (39-21)
OSU: 64 percent (39-22)

Winning percentage in August and September
UO: 76 percent (16-5)
OSU: 43 percent (9-12)

Winning percentage in November and December
UO: 40 percent (8-12)
OSU: 77 percent (17-5)

Head or assistant football coaches with mustaches
(not including goatees or superstitious scruff)
UO: 4
OSU: 1

Most popular beer
UO: Total Domination IPA by Ninkasi Brewing (at Rennie's)
OSU: Coors Light (at Clodfelter's)

Top-selling magazine at school bookstore
UO: Cosmopolitan
OSU: Cosmopolitan

Priciest single-game ticket
UO: $66 (vs. Washington)
OSU: $75 (vs. USC, Oregon*)
*fans required to buy three-game pack for $120 to get a Civil War ticket.

Sources: U.S. Department of Education Equity in Athletics Data Analysis 2007-08, UO and OSU media relations, Oregon State Police, Eugene Police Department, Rennie's, Clodfelter's, UO and OSU Web sites, UO and OSU archives, UO and OSU media guides, UO and OSU bookstores, OSU Alumni Association. -- Rachel Bachman

Oregon State, Fight-Fight-Fight!


Pam M said...

Sorry for your loss, but GO GRIZ!!!
It may not be the Rosebowl, but there is hope that they will make it to the National Championship (although it's the FCS...)

Lindsay said...

Despite the score - your pride for your roots continues to SHINE!!

Have a GREAT week back to school!