Saturday, January 3, 2009

Photos from Home

I still get stuck when people ask me where I'm they mean, "Where do you come from?" or "Where is home now?" I use home in both manners.

"I'm going home the day after Christmas." aka - Klamath Falls or

"I'm staying home until the day after Christmas." aka - Pendleton

Here are just a few shots from home at Christmas. (Klamath Falls)

I call these first two,

"Three men and a remote."

These are the men in my life!

This is what 'home' looks like in the winter around Chapman Ranch.

I love home...both of them.


Lindsay said...

This post just makes me SMILE!!

Great photos of HOME!!

Suzie said...

I love going "home" for the holidays. My "home" is 4 blocks away from my home, so I get to visit often. Glad you made it there and back safely.

Nelson's Nest said...

I'd say it's a really good thing to feel like you have two homes :)

Stacy B said...

I'll always call my first home "home" no matter how long I am away. You are right, it doesn't mean this isn't home...there are just 2 homes. It looks like you had a nice trip. I love you pictures!

Anonymous said...

i like that place to