Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Squirrels

Squirrels, squirrels and now MORE squirrels... If you aren't caught up on my previous opinions on squirrels you can go back and catch up.

Today's opinion of squirrels is much higher than in previous posts.

I love my birds and I love watching them out my window. Last year the bird feeder was always empty and I realized that it was being emptied by the squirrels. When I moved my feeder I came up with a way to keep the squirrels out...or so I thought.

Today one daring squirrel was successful in snacking on the bird seeds. I, unfortunately, was not successful in capturing that exact moment, but some of these give you an idea of his approach.

I wasn't the only one enjoying the squirrels this morning.


Lindsay said...

that sink picture rocks!! as do the squirrel ones :)

capturing the "ordinary" is AWESOME ... and You ARE doing it! :)

Nelson's Nest said...

Love this post! I had such a great time watching the show out your kitchen window yesterday. I am determined to lure some friends to my yard. The absence of trees and presence of Jazmyn the dog may make it difficult.

Cristy said...

Wow he is a determined little squirrel isn't he, too cute!

Suzie said...

Can you hear the Mission Impossible theme being hummed by the squirrel as he's descending to the feeder? lol

Those girls...they should have been getting a foot soak while sitting there and then a pedicure after they were done watching the squirrel - maybe next time (lol)

Becoming Me said...

I'm not a fan either...but I will say..they are clever!

Elle said...

Oh Varmints
I have battled squirels
they are always in my vineyard
I am going to adopt some barn cats.