Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Fire Pit

Marc informed me that he was going to build a fire pit this past spring. "Cool," I thought to myself, without getting too excited. You see, Marc has wonderful ideas & ambitions, they just always don't happen in a very timely fashion. (Now I am guilty of having big ideas too so I am not complaining...just stating something you may not know.)

The process of building the fire pit involved MANY steps, many of which I did not pay attention to in much detail. I did take notice of the LARGE area he was clearing away. I did note that it wasn't 'square'...I *thought* he might not know that...and I had a very nice birds eye view from my sewing room.

Much to my delight and surprise our wonderful fire pit was complete and ready for guest over Memorial Weekend. We have had a few planned and a few impromptu fires this summer. I have loved each one.

Kudos to my wonderful husband of 14 years (Happy Anniversary Dude 8-12-09)! I love-love the fire pit. I look forward to lighting many fires with you!

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