Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Umatilla County Fair 2009

The were so many ribbons won at the fair! I won't bore you with the details. The best part (for a mom) was that each of my girls won a purple ribbon. I know that it won't always work out that way, and I will be ready with my 'Life isn't always fair' speech, but for now, I will appreciate the balance of success that my girls achieved.

Reagan's purple ribbon cookies - THANK YOU BETH!
(You know they are worthy!)

Flower Decorating was a last minute entry by all my girls.

Other 'live' contests in front of the judges included:
Fashion Review
Food Prep (Taryn only)
Table Setting
Flower Decorating
Presentations (2 - Taryn only)

Taryn was eligible to send 4 entries to the Oregon State Fair -
I persuaded her to select the two top ribbon winners -
(neither required any additional work-go figure)

That covers the statistics of the fair!
Now for the *tidbits* that I never want to forget:

Taryn's joy at winning her first plaque.

Flower the bummer lamb peeking at us while we were trying (unsuccessfully)
to convince Taryn to try a lamb shish ka bob!

Grace picking up *condom*ents at an unsupervised booth.

Grace + Discovery = Too Much Information (key word 'hair')

Taryn's *date* falling asleep during the movie.
(MOM-It wasn't a date!) Yeah, right!

Reagan, the rock star, loving the lights and music at the concerts!


Beth@playinwiththepaulsens! said...

wooohoooo! great job girls! gotta love choc! really! smart girl!

Portia said...


What a great adventure the girls (and you) had!

I loved the *tidbits* and enjoyed the laugh. Here's hoping you are Trenton's teacher-- you can only imagine the things he'll tell you. :) :) :)

Lindsay said...

NICE!! LOVE the ribbons :) Another year at the county fair filled with goodness!!

Vodka Mom said...

woo hoo!! There is NOTHING like a county fair!!!

We have one nearby that I have been going to since I was in elementary school.

I won't SAY how many years that has been. :-)