Saturday, August 29, 2009

First Grade

I have spent countless hours the past few weeks getting ready for my new adventures in teaching first grade. Here is a glimpse inside my classroom.

We will start with a caterpillar/butterfly/Eric Carle unit

My boards are cute, but they don't hold a candle to Mrs. Z.
She's untouchable.

She painted her own paper and free-hand cuts her letters.

I love-love the sun!

This shiny, organized, *empty* classroom gives me peace just like when I look at a sleeping child.

Tranquil, sweet, perfect, full of hope!

The top posters were created by the talented Queen Renee. I was delighted when she offered her services. I hope she does not regret opening that can of worms. The best part of Renee coming wasn't the posters, even though they are fantastic. While we were chit-chatting I mentioned being from Klamath Falls. She smiled and told me she was born there. Then we started the 'where did your family live, how long were you there, what schools did you attend' routine, when she stated, "My mom went to school in Bonanza."

My grandma was the sixth grade teacher in Bonanza forever. She was *only* a sixth grade teacher too. She never got a wild hair and decided she needed a change. She was a smart cookie.

It only took a quick phone call for Renee to confirm that her mom was a student in my grandma's classroom. It warmed my heart. It was so unlikely, unexpected for my grandma to show up today. Just like always, she has a knack for knowing when I need a little nudge. I'm going to be just fine in my new grade. There will be bumps, but I'll just pull myself up, dust myself off and try again. I know she would be tickled to see me teach. She's been gone for five years. Missing her sneaks up on was one of those days, but in a good way!

Some things should never come out of the closet.

I want to keep it real here. No false illusions. This is my closet, it houses all that are NOT right in the world. Yes, things fall on me when I open this closet. Yes, this was on the to-do list.
Someday! The closet is closely related to the area 'behind my counter'.
I did not get a shot of that, but you get the idea.

This is what I brought home with me. I have vowed to spend the day at home on Sunday. I will make good on that, however some time needs to be spent reading teachers guides or I may be in big trouble come about Wednesday.

First Grade : Learning : Growing : Changing

I can't wait!


Cristy said...

Loved this post, how neat that your grandma showed up at just the right moment ;-) You are going to be a great 1st grade teacher, the kids are very lucky to have you!!! Good luck Monday you will do great!!!

Lindsay said...

Love the theme for your year! It's going to be one of the BEST you've ever had - I just know it!!

Your enthusiasm and love of life is contagious - and those kids that have found themselves blessed enough to be in your room are going to have a GREAT year!!

Enjoy the rest of the week :)

Stacie said...

Okay, let me start by saying that Mrs. Z is clearly an over-achiever (but the old Sales Promo in me secretly admires it!) I never think of how nerve-racking a new year/new grade must be for teachers too. You will be great! I would be delighted for any one of my children to have you as a teacher, Anne! The story about your grandma made me smile! You obviously have someone special rooting for you too ;o)