Wednesday, September 9, 2009


As a 10 year veteran, but first year, first-grade teacher I was DELIGHTED a week ago to see this date on my plan book. It meant that for an entire day I could plan '9' activities. So we came up with 9 ways we played with 9's at the end of the day.

  1. Sang 9 songs...
  2. Stuck 9 stickers on a nine inch piece of paper...
  3. Sat quiet for 9 seconds (and not one second longer)...
  4. Wrote '9 or nine' for 9 minutes quietly (my favorite)...
  5. Made 9 rhymes (they didn't get 'wine' but did get Frankenstein-wow)...
  6. Fact families of 9...
  7. Read Comet's Nine Lives by Jan Brett...
  8. Read Girl Wonder: A Baseball Story in Nine Innings by Deborah Hopkinson...
  9. Had a 9 min. recess (oops...should have be 15, but I can't get my schedule down)
Another bit of interest for the day was the lead story in the EO, our local newspaper. Yep, that is yours truly. Now, in the honor of 9-9-09 may I share these thoughts:

  1. Thank you for leaving out the nose picking boy.
  2. Thank you for not mentioning the farting that was taking place.
  3. Thank you for not showing my roots that got colored/covered today.
  4. Thank you for taking time to show a bit of extra effort we all do in education.
  5. Thank you for sharing that we do our best to be resourceful.
  6. Thank you for an article not about a teacher having sex with her students.
  7. Mental note: Starch is better than a quick iron job.
  8. Next time, let's not take the picture at that angle, please.
  9. Next time, could you leave out the 'vultures on roadkill' comment?
And my final, too good to leave out Reagan-ism, overheard by dad as she and Grace were circling the catalogs for Christmas, (yes, already.)

Grace: I want this.
Reagan: I want this.
Grace: I want this.
Reagan: I want this - oh and this too. Because you know Grace, when Taryn moves out we are going to have a lot more room, and then Mom and Dad can spend all their money on us!

Oh, so that's how that works!

Mark your calendars everyone...the next time we can have this much fun on a school day will be 11-11-11. I can hardly wait! (It is a Friday, BTW)


Lindsay said...

Oh how I wish I would have been in your room yesterday ... a lot more fun than mine :)

LOVE this post ... just makes me smile!!

Portia said...

11-11-11 will be Veteran's Day... isn't that a holiday? So 12-12-12 it will be. :)

It does sound like your day was packed with fun! The article was great also!

Nelson's Nest said...

It seems like all is well in first grade :) I even saw a big gingerbread guy when I walked by today. The article was great... I think you were the only one who noticed the wrinkles.

Stacy B said...

See! You are having fun in first grade! I knew it! You can't scare a good teacher and that is exactly what you are.