Friday, March 21, 2008

Lamb on the lam

I woke up this morning...the bed was warm...the air was cool. The day before spring break. I just knew it was going to be wild and woolly. LITTLE DID I KNOW...

I bundled up...and headed outside.

I take Jake out first thing in the morning. I grab his food and get Max's food ready. I got Jake into his kennel and peeked over at the lamb pen. The EMPTY lamb pen. Panic hit. I scanned the field...I scanned the barn...and I went to notify Marc.

Marc isn't much of an animal guy, yet. He didn't grow up on a ranch like I did...he didn't even have many pets growing animal behavior and unpredictability surprises him more than it does me.

We decided we needed to tell Taryn, but not Grace and Reagan. I was already in a state of panic, we didn't need the entire house to fall apart.

I called in sick. I know this is probably not what sick leave is designed for...but this was a crisis.

We got the kids off to school with a promise to Taryn: "I don't know how...but I will take care of this. Try not to worry." Who was I kidding...I was worried, I had no idea how this was going to turn out.

I drove around to all my neighbors, near and far, to put them on alert for a lost lamb. I called the police...(aka Tony)...I called the vet...I called Annie...(my most likely to be able to find a lost lamb because she raised them neighbor) and I prayed.

At about 8:45 the vet called...they had a sighting of little Max and we were off. It wasn't pretty. It wasn't easy. I didn't whip out my lasso and wrangle him up. Marc didn't show him who was boss. Annie didn't magically 'baa' to him in sheep language and convince him to set on up into the trailer. However, rest assured...we got the job done.

A penny thought: Lambs are social animals. I know this. I had big plans for this afternoon and this evening. They have changed. We will own another lamb by sundown.

A second penny thought: I love to have pictures with my posts...but when a lamb is on the lam...there isn't time to grab your camera.


A Cop, A Teacher, and Two Princesses said...

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy you found Max, I too was not so optimistic. I wasn't expecting such good news. I can't wait to meet Max's new friend.

HAPPY SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!! We survived.

AmyP said...

Sorry to hear about your trouble losing Max, but what a great story. I am sure that your grandkids will enjoy that story someday! What a great beginning to your Spring Break!!


Stacy B said...

I'm thankful you had sick days to spare. What is your new pet's name? I want to get a little camera that goes in my pocket so I always have one on hand for moments like these. Think of it this way, you wanted to build memories with there you go, one memory built :o)

Thanks again for all of your help this week, it was fun seeing you.

Mom said...

This reminds me of my new favorite song by Trace Atkins. "These are the good times" & "You're gonna miss this!"