Sunday, March 9, 2008

Racin' Jason...hits 35!!!

Today is the day my 'baby' brother was born!

As if being born isn't traumatic enough ... this little bundle was greeted by his two big sisters. Jill and I could come up with a number of ways we enriched his life. I think he would be happy to tell anyone about the numerous ways he has been tortured by us.

35 facts about my brother...

  1. He will be the 3rd generation to own and operate the Chapman Ranch in K. Falls.

  2. His favorite book as a boy was, "Can I keep him?" by Stephen Kellogg.

  3. He rode his bike miles and miles around the ranch.

  4. He ALWAYS wore his cowboy boots on the wrong feet.

  5. He is a HUGE OSU Beaver fan.

  6. He prefers his 4 Wheeler over a horse ANY day.

  7. He likes microbrew beer and Pendleton Whiskey.

  8. He loves to steel my husband to work cattle, play poker or golf.

  9. He DOES NOT like Chicken Divan.

  10. He DOES NOT like avocado but loves guacamole.

  11. He prefers late nights to early mornings.

  12. He has been to Hawaii and I haven't!

  13. He has moved me (apartment to apartment) more times than I can count.

  14. He recently helped us move the claw foot tub out of the basement for the remodel.

  15. He loves to argue/debate and mostly loves to be RIGHT.

  16. He won local, state, and national FFA honors.

  17. He is VERY private about his private life.

  18. He doesn't have much hair under that hat.

  19. He has been ran down by random black cows. (More than once!)

  20. He DOES NOT like black cows.

  21. He likes to own all the newest technology trinkets.

  22. He owned a swather and custom cut hay for neighbors as a teenager.

  23. He loves chocolate bordeaux's from See's Candy.

  24. He affectionately refers to my girls as Satan, Lucifer, & Hades.

  25. He is a lousy housekeeper.

  26. He has the worst smelling feet I have ever been around.

  27. He used to whistle just to bother me.

  28. He hated being called Racin' Jason.

  29. He is very smart and is full of useless s--- (I mean trivia!)

  30. He has terrible handwriting.

  31. He lets Grace go feeding with him in the tractor...a favorite activity of hers.

  32. He was an Alpha Gamma Rho(ΑΓΡ) at Oregon State.

  33. He is a smart gambler. He knows when to hold & fold.

  34. He has fought a barbed wire fence and won. He has cool scars to prove it.

  35. He is loved by me...even though I don't tell him enough.

Happy Birthday Jason!


Anonymous said...

How many people actually know what Chicken Divan is? I do, it must have been a Bridge Club recipe.

Lindsay said...

I'm positive he and my husband would get along just marvelously!!

Happy Birthday to your brother! :)

Anonymous said...

My only correction to this timely tribute is that it was not Lucifer, Satan and Hades but Lucifer, Satan and Damian! I was never sure who was who.