Thursday, March 6, 2008

Update: Man Sick...

Self Administrable meds-$ 7
Laboratory General-$ 13
M/S Supply General-$26
Lab Hematology-$35
Lab Urology-$36
Drug Spec ID Coding-$79
Pharmacy IV Solutions-$95
Laboratory Chemistry-$336
Emergency Room General-$383

Total Price of ER visit-$1,010

Price of knowing you are really just 'man sick' and not dying-PRICELESS!

Sidebar: It is only fair that I note, as Marc isn't 'here' to defend himself, I would have been OVER-THE-TOP upset...had he felt so bad and NOT gone to the doctor. I also would tell him to go again tomorrow...and the next...and the next...if he 'felt' something was wrong. I am a believer in listening to our bodies. There has been a time in my life when I felt I was dying...and they took out a ruptured appendix. There has also been a time when I had a very low grade back pain that was a result of my kidney shutting down because of a blockage from a kidney stone.

To those sympathetic to Marc's 'man-sick' episode...just ask him about the 'needle in my foot' episode of mine. Trust me I wasn't very stoic or brave. And, rest assured, I still haven't heard the end of it!

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