Monday, April 21, 2008


Tin Grin

Brace Face

Metal Mouth

Given my lack of sympathy for Marc when he was Man Sick...turn about is fair play!

I am wondering WHY I thought this was going to be such a great idea.

Maybe I'll remember in about 18 months!


Ronda said...

Yes, you will love the end results! No pain, no gain! Love that tylenol! The thing that surprised me the most was how much it hurt to brush me teeth!

Lindsay said...

what a fun picture :) good luck & yes, it will be worth it!!

** thanks for your comment on my blog yesterday... you hit the nail on the head! I appreciate your thoughts and your willingness to say it like it is. :)

Blessings to you Brace Face :) (sorry I had to say it)

A Cop, A Teacher, and Two Princesses said...

You look adorable :) I can't wait for the black and orange bands. If I had a kitchen to speak of I'd make you soup. I still owe you a Disney dinner, so I'll do some research on Eastern Oregon's best soup eats.

Stacy B said...

I feel for you! I'm so glad it's you and not me!