Friday, May 2, 2008

This is the way...

This is the way we wash a lamb,

wash a lamb,

wash a lamb.

This is the way we wash a lamb,

On a dandy Friday!

Lamb-glam! Photo after the blow dryer.

That is a fashion blanket. Very cute.

We are in full-throttle toward the fair.

Max got his first bath today.

We will give him another bath on Sunday...and then he gets sheared.

Taryn wants to keep the wool.

Yuck. I don't want the wool.

Why not, though?

She wants to make a pillow.

A penny thought: Instead of asking why, ask why not! I remember thinking EXACTLY how Taryn thinks now. I don't remember how my mom handled it each time. I am sure she found a balance. If I 'let' Taryn keep every collectible...we'd live in a dump. I'm guessing in this case...that once she SMELLS her pillow, she might throw it out herself.


A Cop, A Teacher, and Two Princesses said...

Look at that "good clean" family fun!!! I have had so much fun watching you guys tackle 4-H full speed ahead this year. No matter what happens next week you guys have been a great success. Yeah Sokoloskis!!!

Lindsay said...

Seriously!! YOU ROCK! and I think you're going to have to be teachin' me how to be a 4-H mom in a couple of years :)

Love to you - oh... and Mack didn't go to Bloomsday... he just stayed home and rode around in the wagon for the majority of the 24 hours I was gone :)