Monday, May 12, 2008

The Cute and the Ugly of the Fair

The Cute!

If you haven't been to the Milton Freewater Fair before, I recommend you put it on your calendar for Mother's Day next year. The weather isn't going to be 100 degrees like at the summer fairs. There is a wonderful little petting zoo, pee-wee showmanship, lots of small furry animals, some ugly big ones, and a reasonable concession stand...(eat at your own risk...more on that to follow.) This post includes the Nelson girls who came to cheer Taryn on for her showmanship class and to see the ribbons they all earned.

The Ugly!

At approximately 6 pm on Saturday Walla Walla...on a dinner hit. I won't bother going in to the gory details...but simply said...I made this llama look adorable in comparison. I believe the 'slider' hamburger from the snack shack didn't agree with me...I can't swear it wasn't a 24-hour flu...but what ever it was it did this:

Kept me from seeing Taryn dance with her first boy at the family dance.
Kept me (and Taryn) from barn duty on Sunday morning.
Kept me from a restful night of sleep.
Kept my mom from a restful night of sleep.
Kept me from spoiling my mom on Mother's Day.
Kept me from enjoying Raphael's Mother's Day Dinner.
Kept me from baking my Dad birthday cookies.
Kept me from being able to control my tears on 'sale' day.

I am happily on the other side of what ever it was...I'm eating again. YEAH. Even with the bad-food episode-the fair was 100% spectacular.


Lindsay said...

oh my goodness... maybe it just hit blog land... the sickness that is!

Love the pictures & the written words describe it perfectly! :)

Stacy B said...

Sounds like the flu has hit more than a couple of households around here.

I had no idea that Milt-Free had this going on. Looks like a spectacular day. I'm sorry you were feeling so horrible and missed out on some great sights and food! Glad your feeling better, see you tonight...maybe.