Thursday, May 29, 2008

What it means...

If you live in Pendleton, ya gotta be a BUCKAROO. It doesn't matter if you bleed Black and Orange...around here Green and Gold is what it is all about. My students are going to flip out tomorrow when they see me.
They are going to say...
"You have Duck braces..."
and I'll say, "Yep, go BUCKS!"
And they'll say... "No, I said Ducks."
And I'll say, "Yeah, I know...Go BUCKS."
Have I mentioned I love messing with third graders.
In honor of May 30th ... a.k.a. "Team Johnson Day" ... I am stepping out of my comfort zone and bringing on the Green and Gold. I know the day is going to be a huge success. -Walt is on his way home to be surrounded by friends and family. We are all excited to be stepping up our Pendleton Pride to help support one of our finest!
A Penny Thought: REGARDLESS of what my braces look like...BEAVERS RULE and DUCKS DROOL...but so do I with this mouth of metal. I also have developed a whistle that resembles a lisp when I read aloud. Oh bother!


Anonymous said...

That is how it always starts, there not Duck colors. I guess it is my fault in letting you go to the Civil War game.

Stacy B said...

What do beavers say?
"Yucky Ducky!"
Go Bucks!

A Cop, A Teacher, and Two Princesses said...

That is a true friend!!!

Lindsay said...

That is AWESOME!! GO BUCKS ... I mean GO BULLDOGS :) Maybe next time you could go with purple and gold - I'm sure that would fly in P-town!

Have a great week Anne!