Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fair Preview...

7 blue ribbons

3 purple ribbons

5 rainbow ribbons

Almost 3 very early alarm clocks.

1 petting zoo

1 lamb sold

1 'premium' check from Grandma & Grandpa

fair food and ...

fair food-food poisoning

a boy and a dance

friends - new and old

pride - bursting!

Watch for all the postings later this week.

1 comment:

A Cop, A Teacher, and Two Princesses said...

I was REALLY proud of Taryn too!!! Tears were shed on my end as well. I am really looking forward to watching your girls over the years with this 4-H adventure.

You forgot the worst butcher job of a name I have ever heard.

I must have an iron gut these days to have avoided the poisoning.