Saturday, May 15, 2010

Easter in Willows

It was a different Easter this year. I was home with just Grace and Reagan. The weekend coincided with the annual Willow Weekend. You see, my dad & brother are cattle ranchers and they winter their cattle in Willows, California. Each spring my husband makes a huge sacrifice ( read: escapes work and daily duties) to make the trip south. This year we decided Taryn was old enough to make the trip.

Her job was tail holding. Apparently it is a pretty important job. If you don't have a tail holder and you are working on the south end of a cow, you end up covered in $#!+ by the end of the day.

After a long hard day working she was able to experience a new level of testosterone. Growing up with only sisters she isn't used to the 'one-up-ing' that can occur when a bunch of men (read:boys) gather. As if that wasn't enough of an experience, they told her she had to be initiated. The rite involved Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Step One: Question your desire...

Step two: Inspect

Step Three: ABORT!

That's my girl!

Taryn was hoping to bring one of these home to fill her Easter basket.

And Grandpa was trying his hardest to send this home to fill her basket, but turns out dad was blessed with a bummer girl this time. With no option of a 4H project - I respectfully declined the gift.

She is hoping to be able to make the trip again next year.

Marc had her document the actual work that they do, as I've heard more stories about the 'after-party'. I know they work really hard, and I know my dad and brother need and appreciate the help. However, I'm not sure if they realize how much he enjoys that weekend in Willows. I'm pretty sure he'd pay to be able to go!


Mom said...

Finally!!! Loved the captions and her expression. I've never tried this particular culinary delight and don't ever plan to.

Anonymous said...

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