Sunday, May 23, 2010


Taryn participated on the Sunridge Middle School track team this spring. In addition to her running events she tried a variety of field events including: the long jump, the high jump, and the javelin.

Here she is making her move on the final corner of the 800. She sucked up both of these girls and got 3rd place.

This is her posing with her javelin. I tried to take some action shots but it is hard to have a steady hand when you are giggling so much. - A 70 pound, noodle armed girl throwing a javelin is funny to watch.

Taryn ended up cutting the season short. Her second to last meet was scheduled to be in The Dalles. They would not get home until after 9 pm. It was the week before fair and she was having tests. On her third consecutive melt-down in a row that week, we convinced her she was spreading herself too thin. The last meet was the same day as weigh-in, so she stopped track 2 weeks early. It made those weeks a little less stressful and she was a lot more manageable.

I wonder why she thinks she can do more than she really can? Hmm... I'm still trying to figure out why I can't. I am hoping to help her learn to not over commit. Maybe we can practice together.


Nelson's Nest said...

Good luck with that :) You are automatically over committed with three girls in different activities. I can't wait to take it easy together this summer.

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