Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy 40.1

2010 will ring in the big 4-0 to many of my closest friends. In February, Marc and I took a quick trip to Medford to surprise Dianna for her 40th birthday party.

Her husband Greg went over the top in planning the party. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a complete surprise, but I don't think she ever guessed that I would be driving 8 hours to spend the weekend with her.

We had our nails done, went shopping, and talked endlessly. It is remarkable that we can go months without seeing each other or talking at all and pick up like it was yesterday.

The Jello shots were nasty - but we each put one away for old-times sake.

Mr. Party Planner himself was the first to hit-the-hay... but he had worked hard, so we didn't torture him too much about it.

I hope they get to head up our way in June to watch me roll into the next decade!