Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pendleton Easter

For the three of us at home Easter was a bit more traditional.

We had a sleepover at the Nelson's so we could enjoy an early morning egg hunt. Yes, those are our winter coats. There wasn't snow on the ground, but it fell in the mountains that night and it was FREEZING. That was another point to our sleepover. Our heat pump went out and the cold weather wasn't finished. We were snug as bugs in their wonderful house.

Then the girls had to get dressed and pose for our annual Easter pictures. Unfortunately, because of the very early Easter and crazy cold weather, there were no flowers to provide a pretty setting. Again, the girls were sport, it was freezing.

Church services were beautiful as the Children's Choir sang from the balcony. We recently remodeled the church and added a high alter to restore the original look of the church. Eventually there will be a mural above the alter. I can't wait to see it finished.

It was a blustery afternoon, but the girls ran around looking for the elusive GOLDEN egg.

As a side note: the days before Easter I spent HOURS looking for eggs. Not the type of eggs you EVER want to be looking for... in your child's hair.

We were struck with head lice for the first time.

I found a bug while brushing Reagan's hair and upon a closer look found nearly 200 nits.

It took me 3 movies and an extraordinary amount of patience on both our parts to de-lice my little lady.

There are some experiences of elementary school I would be happy to live without experiencing. We were very thorough and avoided anyone else in the house getting them. I was also successful in getting them out in one go-around (a 10 day process). I now am left wondering, how long before I can scratch an itch on my head without worrying about head lice?


Nelson's Nest said...

Easter was special!!! I did miss Taryn. It was eggcellent even though your hunting expedition wasn't eggxactly what you had in mind.

Lindsay said...

looks like a ton of fun ... minus the lice ... ick!

who found the golden egg?? or was that the lice?

Suzie said...

Your girls are so beautiful in the communion dress. Love the picture from the balcony.

For a lice deterrent be sure to buy a bottle of tea tree oil and add it to the girls' shampoo (and yours if you're worried). Lice don't like the smell and won't climb on hair that has the oil in it. We've done that for years and the girls haven't had lice since one big episode 4 years ago.